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Fiber Defined

Fiber is found in the walls of the cells of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and is resistant to being broken down and digested.14,15

Benefits of Fiber


How the FDA defines foods that are an “excellent source” or “good source” of fiber:


Did You Know?

Most Americans consume about half the recommended amount of fiber – only 15g per day. 12,14,22

How much do you need each day?

According to the USDA 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the adequate intake (AI) for fiber is 14g per 1,000 calories, or about 25g per day for women and 38g per day for men.12


Adapted from Institute of Medicine Dietary Reference Intakes: Energy, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Fat, Fatty Acids, Cholesterol, Protein, and Amino Acids. Washington, DC, National Academies Press, 2002 22


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