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egyptians-liked-breadBread in Egypt

Did you know that Bread has been around for centuries? Experts believe the first grinding stone was invented by the Egyptians around 8000 B.C. Flat breads were first baked from the crushed grains, but later it was discovered that adding yeast made the bread rise. 46

In ancient Egypt, bread was a form of currency used interchangeably with money. 46 In fact, bread was so important to ancient Egyptians that loaves were often placed in tombs for the deceased to take to the afterlife. 51

A Universal Sign of Peace

Bread is probably the one food eaten by people of every race, culture and religion, and is a universal sign of peace.47

sliced-breadBetter Than Sliced Bread

Pre-sliced bread was invented in 1928 by a man named Otto Rohwedder in Chillicothe, MO, after working on it for 16 years. Many thought it was a passing fad, assuming the bread would go stale faster than unsliced bread.48,49

earl-of-sandwichThe Makings of a Sandwich

During the 1700s, the Earl of Sandwich gave his name to the sandwich: meat between two slices of bread.46,50

To Eat A Bushel

If you ate a sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it would take 168 days to eat the amount of bread produced from one bushel of wheat.47


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